Alzheimer’s Association Awards Honor Volunteers in Augusta 

This group is making new memories as they honor those among them that have gone above and beyond for their cause this year. A cause that’s dedicated to helping aging members of Maine hold on to the memories they’ve gotLoved ones with dementai and Alheimer’s is why many here got involved with the Maine Chapter if the Alzheimer’s Association.”What we went through as a family led me to become a part of the Alzheimer association because they provided the things that we as a family needed,” said Cathy Walters, the Marilyn Page Award for Volunteerism recipient.It’s an on-going battle for the folks here.”We’re always looking for new opportunities to do things differently.””And looking for more innovative ways to continue providing the best care possible for our residents with dimension and Alzheimer’s diseases are number one for us,” said Ben Smith of the Woodlands Senior Living, winner of the Corporate Champion Award.Taking a night to sit back and reflect on all they’ve accomplished this year can bring up many emotions.”I am just so overwhelmed. I am so overwhelmed. I just think this award should just go to everybody. Everybody is just so awesome and I just love being a part of it,” said Gwen Bassinger, who received the Collaborative Spirit Award.It’s a chance for the Maine Chapter members to say thank you and get ready for next year.”It’s nice to be able to recognize all you’ve accomplished too and this is an amazing group and have accomplished fabulous things. They’re already forming teams and committees for next year, so we’re very grateful for their support,” said Laurie Trenholm, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association Maine Chapter.For more information about the organization, you can log onto