Search Continues for Former Maine Drug Prosecutor 

Maine’s former top drug prosecutor remains on the run.James Cameron disappeared two weeks ago after learning he was likely heading to prison for having child porn.US Marshals continue a nationwide search.”I think they’ll apprehend him sooner rather than later.” A private investigator for nearly four decades, Joe Thornton is pretty confident federal investigators already know right where to start looking for James Cameron. “They should have a pretty good idea of what he’s done since he’s been out and they should have a pretty good trail.”Cameron’s been out for more than a year on bail waiting for his appeal to be heard before US Marshals say he cut off his bracelett.”It’s unusual for the federal court to grant bail.” While noted defense attorney Steve Schwartz says he’s surprised Cameron was freed from prison, it most likely proves the appeals court had doubts about the original conviction, and, at the time, he was not considered a flight risk.”The evidence showed that Mr. Cameron was not a high bail-risk, he’d been out on bail on more than one occassion,” Schwartz added.”His problem with this conviction is behind bars.” Thornton contends that Cameron is running not so much scared of prison but his fellow prisoners, a former prosecuter convicted of child porn makes him a target. “Being in population would be very uncomfortable for him which probably factored into his decision to run”.Thornton’s convinced Cameron won’t be on the run for long. He, himself, has tracked down many missing persons and Cameron poses no match for trained federal marshals.”This guy is not a criminal, he may have been a prosecutor but it takes a criminal mind with some cunning and some financial resources to stay at large for any length of time.”At this point the US Marshal’s office is not releasing any information other than they continue to search for Cameron.