Nokomis And MCI Teachers Play In Charity Hoops Game 

It is not often you see high school students rise to their feet in applause for their teachers.On Friday, students from two school districts did just that, as their staff took to the hardwood in a thrilling teacher vs. teacher basketball game in Newport, and it was all for a worthy cause. “When we found out about there financial problems we knew right away we had to help,” said Courtney Fowler, an MCI Key Clubber. “It only made sense for us to try and help another community in need,” explained her advisor Nancy Hughes. Michael Susi, a teacher at MCI, said, “People really got behind it, I mean obviously there was some trepidation behind it because we have two rival schools playing each other but we really try and keep it all about fun and kindness and trying to support this community here.”In the spirit of helping a neighbor in need, Key Clubbers at Maine Central Institute organized a basketball game to benefit athletics and extra curricular activities at Nokomis High School. Nokomis High School is part of RSU 19.On election day, voters in the newport area turned down a 3.6 million dollar loan, to try and fix a major budget shortfall.Since then, the school district has cut about 750-thousand dollars, affecting numerous programs.Friday’s game was about saving them, even though they’re often in competition. “One of the things about these two communities is we are rivals in sports, and in other activities. The bands often play against each other or at competitions against each other. so this is a unique opportunity for us to to actually join together,” said Hughes. “I think for those of us who played in this rivalry, and played against Nokomis at mci and vice-versa i think obviously there is a little bit of that in there,” said Susi. The friendly rivalry isn’t lost on the staff either.”I love it though because teachers are still just normal humans and they love sports just as much as we do so its not only entertaining but its also great to see them supporting the school in a different way,” said Fowler. “I think basketball is a great way for them to tease and kind of get on the teachers about a little bit,” said Susi. Nokomis walked away with the win tonight in a 49-48 final.MCI Key Clubbers hope to have raised about two-thousand dollars.