Longtime Local Pharmacist Retires from Daily Work at Miller Drug 

A longtime local pharmacist is stepping away from the counter. Bill Miller of Miller Drug in Bangor is retiring from the daily operations of the business he brought to his mother’s variety store, more than 50 years ago. “My first day on the job was in 1939. I was 5 years old when my mother opened this store and I’ve been here ever since.”In 1957, Bill Miller started filling out prescriptions. And his determination to make a difference has kept him at it for 55 years.”When you help somebody and they write you a note or they call you or you bump into them on the street and they thank you, it makes you want to do more.”Now at 78, Miller’s doing more for himself. After Friday, he and his wife Gloria are turning over the day-to-day operations of Miller Drug to someone else. Gloria says, “I’ve loved working here. I love being with the people. I mean I’ve known them for a long time. We all get along well and everybody is sad today.”The Millers starting making the transition to retirement two years ago when they teamed up the pharmacy with Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems.But they finalized the decision after a recent trip to the Bahamas with their entire family – and the funeral of a friend. “I can wait for another funeral a long time,” says Bill. “I want to be able to enjoy the things that person isn’t going to be able to enjoy anymore.”The Millers still own the business and Bill still plans to come in occasionally. But most of the time he’ll be with family, in his garden or with a good book. And he hopes he’ll continue to know him as a man who’s always helped others live a better life.Bill will also continue to share his musical talents with the community as a member of the Bangor Symphony Orchestra and the Bangor Band.