Searsport Tank Hearings Extended 

On Thursday, the Searsport Planning Board held what was originally scheduled to be the final night of public hearings on the proposed 40-million-dollar propane tank. The hearings began on Monday and have drawn such a crowd that they’ve have been extended until Friday night.The opposition group “Thanks But No Tank” presented two panels on Thursday, representing local business owners, realtors, and property abutters.They say the proposed tank could damage the local economy and environment.Representatives from DCP Midstream , the company looking to build the proposed tank , think the plan will help create jobs.”They came into town thinking they could just bowl us all over, and take charge, and unfortunately they bowled over the wrong people,” said Marietta Ramsdell, President of “Friends of Sears Island”. Chris Tucker, a local construction worker said, “There’s a lot of people in the community that aren’t working that could work on this facility and, again, I support good construction jobs.”Friday is the final public hearing until after an environmental impact study of the proposed plan is complete.That is expected to happen early next year.The general public will have the opportunity to speak, and DCP Midstream will present their closing arguments.The hearing begins at 6pm in Searsport District High School.