Harlem Superstars Take Center Court at Lamoine School 

Capturing the attention of a crowd of kids is no easy task, but the two men visiting students at the Lamoine Consolidated School have had some practice.”We probably did maybe 75 schools, so far this year,” said Kevin Jackson, a member of the Harlem Superstars. The team, known for its comedic antics on the court, came to town for a show at Ellsworth High School, Thursday night.Teammate David Fields said, “I’m a trickster. I’m a point guard, so I do a lot of twirling with the ball, I do a lot of crossovers, trick shots.”But before their performance, they made time for students around the state. The team visited four schools in the area, sending Fields and Jackson to Lamoine.Jackson explained, “We try to give the kids a good message, not only about playing basketball, but keeping your grades up in school, listening to the teachers.”They interweaved games and impressive ball skills with advice for the group, which seemed to resonate with students.Eighth grader Daniel Morren said, “You should get an education, and stay in school and do your best.”The team took the court in Ellsworth at 6:30 p.m.