Day 4 Of Nelson Murder Trial – Testimony Could Wrap Up Friday 

It’s the fourth day of testimony in the trial of an Anson man accused of fatally shooting a man for his prescription drugs.Police say 41-year-old Robert Nelson shot 60-year-old Everett Cameron in the face on Halloween back in 2009.Police say Cameron had been selling his prescription pain killers to friends and family, including the man charged with shooting him.Thursday, Nelson’s ex-girlfriend, Katie White, took the stand. She was living with Nelson at the time of the murder. White testified that she broke up with Nelson shortly after the murder. “Why did you break up?” asked Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea asked her. “I was starting to think he was guilty,” White answered.Under cross examination by defense attorney Philip Mohlar, White described Nelson’s demeanor minutes after police say he committed the murder. White said Nelson returned home unexpectedly after forgetting some items he planned to take to his daughter’s birthday party.Mohlar: “Did you see any blood on him?White: “No.”Mohlar: “You saw how he was acting when he left how did he act when he came back at that point?”White: “In a rush. He washed up. I think he went to the bathroom”Mohlar: “Do you recall how long he was in the bathroom?”White: “Not very long.”Despite the fact White was a witness for the prosecution, she did have a testy exchange with Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea during her re-direct examination. Zainea was trying to show White was biased toward the defendant.Zainea: “Do you have a tattoo that says “Robbie Lee”?White: “Yes, what’s the relevance?”Zainea: “You still care about him?”White: “As a friend yes.”Zainea: “When you were being wheeled in to the courtroom did you say something to him?”White: “No.”Zainea: “Did you say ‘I love you Robbie’?”White: “No.”After White finished testifying the primary investigator on the case, Detective Jason Andrews from the Maine State Police took the stand. Andrews played an audio recording and video of an interview conducted with Nelson. During the video, Nelson describes his last encounter with the victim Everett Cameron. Nelson admits he owed Cameron $35 for drugs and told police he met Cameron on the Town Farm Road in Anson to discuss when he would pay him the money. “I noticed his dog wasn’t with him so I jumped in the truck with him. I talking back and forth about his cancer and he said he had to meet with someone else.”Shortly after that meeting, Everett Cameron’s body was discovered in his truck. Nelson has steadfastly maintained Cameron was alive and well when they parted company that day. Testimony in the trial could wrap up as soon as Friday.Nelson faces 25-years to life in prison if he’s convicted.