300 Maine Christmas Trees Heading to Military Families 

Military families have a lot to deal with on a daily basis and things don’t slow down for the holidays. Sometimes something as simple as a Christmas tree can make a big difference. Hundreds of cut trees are ready to deploy from Piper Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Newburgh. ” We have trees come here from way up by the St. John River,” said Jim Corliss, owner of the farm. The trees are loaded one-by-one into a big Fed Ex truck. ” This year the trees are going to Ft. Bragg,” said James York. It’s all part of Trees for Troops, a program delivering Christmas trees to military families. ” They may or may not be deployed. Maybe they just returned or maybe they’re going soon,” explained Corliss. James York is the commander of American Legion Post 201 in Dixmont and he knows what it’s like for troops and their loved ones. ” I spent 21 years in the service, so I understand from the servicemen side,”said York. ” The one thing you think about is your family when you’re away. At least you know they’re having a good holiday. That’s all that really counts.”The 300 Maine Christmas trees come from farms throughout the state. All of the trees are dropped off at Piper Mountain Christmas Tree Farm because it’s a central location. The trees will be delivered to Ft. Bragg. Each family getting a tree from Maine also gets a bag of decorations. Nationally, Trees for Troops delivers 17,000 -18,000 trees to military families.