Powerball Jackpot Reaches an Estimated $550 Million 

With a jackpot that exceeds 500 million dollars, it’s no wonder people across the country are buying up Powerball tickets as fast as they can be printed. Lottery officials say tickets are selling at a rate of 130-thousand a minute nationwide.Locally, it’s no different. Powerball sales are way up.If you bought the winning ticket, you’d be looking at winning an estimated $360 million, if you take the cash option.The odds of that happening are very slim.”If we were to take every single female’s name in the United States, babies, adults, everybody, put them in a hat, the chances of winning are actually less than me picking your name out of a hat,” said Bill Halteman, a math professor at the University of Maine.That hasn’t stopped folks all around the country from buying what they hope to be the lucky ticket.