Beal College Holds Workshop for Veteran Students 

A workshop took place Tuesday morning at Beal College.It’s the first of many that school officials have started in an effort to help their military veterans.The administration at Beal College is always concerned about their students gaining employment after their time there.They’ve started a workshop program geared toward one segment of their student body.”What we’re doing is to try to inform the veterans here at Beal College about veterans benefits they may or may not be aware of and also about employment-related services.”With about forty military veteran students currently enrolled here, it’s a program they feel is very important to veterans future success.”It’s critical because, the thing is we want to, from an educational point of view, do whatever we can to help them out, it’s a special group. I honor what they do and we want to do even more to help them out and a lot of the times they just don’t realize what services there are for them.”Services and also jobs they may be highly qualified for…”These veterans have tremendous skill sets, most of which is discipline and the fact that they go to work every day. Our job at the career center is to help these veterans articulate this to an employer in an interview, or on a resume.”Providing an outlet for veterans self-growth and success in life is the ultimate goal of the program. “We don’t want to do it on our own, we don’t want the veterans agencies to do it on their own, but if we can partnership together, we can make a better program.”