St. Joe’s Workers Donate to Pet Food Bank 

We’ve done a lot of stories lately on folks helping others in need around the holidays.Now, that spirit of giving is going to the dogs as well as cats.Joy Hollowell tells us more.====”We don’t want anybody to have to make the choice between their own medications, their own food, heating their homes, and taking care of their pets,” says Ken Bank, program director for the Furry Friends Food Bank.Neither do employees at St. Joseph hospital. That’s why the Bangor hospital’s Mission Outreach Committee chose the Furry Friends Food Bank as their charity project this year. The program, run through the Eastern Area Agency on Aging, gives supplemental pet food and some supplies to senior citizens in need.”We know how much people love their pets and we don’t want those folks to go without to feed their pets,” says Bonnie Richards, Patient Service Representative for St. Joseph Hospital. “And so we thought if we jumped in and fed the pets up front, we wouldn’t have to worry about them going without.”Workers started bringing in boxes of pet food and other supplies about three weeks ago.”We’ve kind of exceeded what we thought we would be able to do,” says Richards, “so we’re very pleased that the employees are as generous as they are.”Even Ken Banks wasn’t prepared for just how much he’d be bringing back to Furry Friends Food Bank.”Yeah, I showed up with my Pontiac and that’s not gonna, that doesn’t have nearly enough room in it right now,” says Banks with a chuckle. “But that’s a very good problem to have.”Thankfully, workers at St. Joe’s were there to lend a hand again. Or in this case, a pick up truck.=====If you’d like more information the Furry Friends Food Bank, you can call the Eastern Area Agency on Aging. Their toll free number is 1-800-432-7812.