UPDATE: Medical Examiner Determines Cause of Death in Alton Killings 

The death of an Alton woman, who was inside her home on Nov. 19th, was a result of an domestic violence homicide. Maine State Police said this report comes after the autopsies on Danielle Folsom Reed, Scott Reed and Daniel Young.Maine’s Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Margaret Greenwald, said Reed died of “Multiple stab and incised wounds to the neck, including the throat” and the two men both died of “Close contact gunshot wounds to the head.” Greenwald said Scott Reed committed suicide, but they have not determined the cause of death for Young.Detectives determined Danielle Reed was killed by her estranged husband early Monday afternoon inside the home. Scott Reed then met up with Young at a Bangor restaurant and spent the afternoon together before arriving at Reed’s home around 5:30 p.m. Police said Reed called a female friend and told her to meet him at his home at 6:52 p.m. The same woman called police around 7:30 p.m when she found one body in a bedroom. Police later found the two other bodies in the same room.Police have learned that Reed and Young had talked in the past about both committing suicide. They have yet to determine if Young was shot by Reed or if Young took his own life. Young owned one of the handguns, it is unclear who owned the second gun.We’re told the Reed’s were estranged and had been living apart for the past few months. A suicide note by Reed was found inside the house.