United Maine Craftsmen’s Arts & Crafts Show becomes Tradition for Some 

Arts and crafts are the big stars in Brewer this weekend.It’s the 37th Annual United Maine Craftsmen’s Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts Show. Everyone has their traditions. For some, it’s the United Maine Craftsmen’s Arts & Crafts Show. ” We’ve been coming to the Brewer craft show for about 25 years,” said Lorraine Tamboia, who was with her husband, Sonny. ” They’re here for Thanksgiving. It’s the sisters, and this is sisters weekend,” added Lisa Colburn, who was with her two sisters. There are 55 vendors showing off their goods. ” This is my fulltime job and we rely on our loyal customers to come out and buy our products,” said Aletha Boyle, president of the United Maine Craftsmen. Most people who go to the show end up finding at least something they were looking for. ” We found some treasures,” said Colburn. ” Hats and mittens from Maine to send to Tennessee,” said Lorraine and Sonny Tamboia.It’s all about buying local and supporting Mainers. ” Supporting our Maine economy, supporting Made in the USA. Keeping the money in the United States and keeping the money right here in Maine,” said Boyle. ” I come for laughs, and the food,” said Sonny Tamboia. ” And only because I drag him,” added Lorraine Tamboia, with a laugh. Whether they’re dragged, or decided to stop by on their own, it’s all part of the tradition. The United Maine Craftsmen’s Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts Show is all weekend at the Brewer Auditorium. Saturday it goes from 9 am – 5pm . Sunday from 10am – 4pm .For more information, click here.