Firefighters Offer Warnings After Recent Tragedies 

A fire that killed a father and his three kids in Orrington, and another one that left two injured in Augusta were all avoidable according to local fire officials.Now, they’re sending out a safety reminder to homeowners.”This is our busy time of year. We see a lot of fires.”As everyone turns up the heat in their homes, firefighters have to suit up more often, and two fires last Saturday, one with deadly consequences have sparked a heavy response from local departments.”Sadly, a lot of times it takes something like this to get folks to maybe just think a little bit more about it.”Both blazes, in Orrington and Augusta, were ignited when materials left too close to a wood stove caught fire, which is why Jake Johnson is urging homeowners to be careful.”Manufacturers all have different specifications in terms of how close that wood stove could be to the walls, to the furniture or whatever else.”While the stove requirements vary, at Evergreen Home and Hearth in Brewer, salesman Jim Rockett says the safety precautions are all the same.”Anything combustible, cardboard boxes, lighter fluid, even a wax candle is a combustible, and so you want to keep everything that’s combustible away from the stove… When it’s installed properly and when that safe installation is maintained properly, there is no bad news to report.”Firefighters are hoping their work cools down out here.