Ellsworth Church Offers a Black Friday Alternative 

Most people woke up at the crack of dawn to shop at the big name stores for the best deals, but one church in Ellsworth is giving people an alternative to Black Friday.St. Joseph Church hosted their first trade fair on Friday. Organizers say they wanted to give people a different place to look for gifts on the biggest shopping day of the year.One parishioner says all the coffee, chocolate, and jewelery can make great gifts for the holidays. All of the items for sale are handmade by workers in third world countries, who make decent wages for their work. Parishioner, Dan Conte said “Everyone wants to get the cheapest price, but you need to think about how many times it’s changed hands and mark up by the time if gets to you. You buy something for 10 bucks and there person who made it probably got a dime or something.”Proceeds from the fair will go to the Fair Trade Fund for grants to support small-scale producers. Conte said the church will also take some of its profit and make sure fair trade coffee is served in the