Community Members Help Waterville Humane Society 

The Waterville Humane Society has a lot to be thankful for. Andrea Pasco, executive director, tells TV 5 that regular donations had slowed down because of the down economy. The humane society was out of dog food, and needed help, fast. After posting on the Waterville Humane Society’s Facebook page that food was needed, community members helped out. We’re told people started bringing in food and money for the society. “We’re really really grateful for everything the folks gave to us, now what I want is to see people coming in and meeting our animals. If anyone’s ever been interested or considering adopting a dog, or a cat, or a small pocket pet bunny… guinea pig… now’s the time to come to the shelter, because we are full,” said Andrea Pasco, executive director of the Waterville Humane Society. Pasco thinks they have enough food to make it through at least February. The humane society has more than 30 dogs and more than 100 cats available for adoption.