Black Friday Shoppers Hit Bangor Stores 

With Thanksgiving just barely in the books, shoppers from Maine and Canada prepared to hit the stores in Bangor.To battle the crowds, most came with a strategy.It might mean being the first one in line.“Last year, was about number five and six in line, and now we’re in the beginning,” said Tracey Sawtelle of Lubec.It could mean waiting nearby the store of your choice.“When the doors open, I’m making a mad dash, too. They’ll let old ladies like me in. They wouldn’t push an old lady,” said Nancy Albert.The bottom line on Black Friday is getting what you came for.“As long as I get my TV, I’m happy, but they gave us a map of the store, so we’re going to walk around the store and we have a system,” said Cindy Howe of New Brunswick.“I pretty much want to get to the back of the store where I can get my TVs and then come back up to the front and get the computer that I want and then move on to the next store,” said Shawn Bouchard of East Millinocket.If it means opening the doors earlier, retailers are happy to give shoppers what they want.“It’s a huge day for us. It’s three times bigger than any day we do the whole rest of the year on a minimum. It kicks off our holiday season, so it’s a very important thing.”For some, it’s a tradition they just really enjoy.“I enjoy being here. It’s kind of fun to me, a lot of people think I’m crazy, I probably am, but I enjoy it,” said Bouchard.