Volunteers in Bangor Spend Thanksgiving Serving Others 

The kitchen at the Columbia Street Baptist Church in Bangor is busy this time of year, as prepping gets underway for a Thanksgiving feast that nearly 200 people have come to rely on.”My cooks back at Manna started yesterday slicing, dicing, getting everything ready,” said Bill Rae, executive director at Manna Ministries, which organized the dinner. This year, though, Rae has an even bigger crowd filling up the church in the form of volunteers.”To see how many there are, I think that just that really speaks well of the community,” said Marlise Swartz, who came up from Yarmouth to help her daughter serve.Dozens of folks from around the state packed into a church room Thursday morning, waiting for their assignments.”Seemed like a good thing to do, support my community,” said Dell Clarkson, who was in the kitchen all day cooking.For hours, they did everything from setup to cleanup, taking a break from their busy holiday schedules to give those in need something to be thankful for this season.”This little area that they call Bangor, Maine on the map has really come to to help their neighbors,” said Rae.