NTSB: Truck Driver Followed Procedures before Fatal Plane Crash 

We’re learning more about last week’s deadly plane crash in Owls Head that killed three University of Maine fraternity brothers. David Cheney, 22, of Massachusetts, Marcelo Rugini, 24, an exchange student from Brazil, and William Hannigan III, 24 of South Portland died in the crash. Cheney and Rugini were current students, Hannigan graduated last year. All three were members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. The small plane hit a truck on the runway during takeoff, and crashed in the woods. According to a preliminary report released by the National Transportation Safety Board, the driver of the truck, Stephen Turner, used the common radio traffic advisory frequency to announce his intention to cross the runway. The report states Turner did not get a response and did not see anything on the runway, so he proceeded to cross. According to the report, Turner ” saw something grayish in color, continued to cross the runway, and then go out to inspect what he saw, at which time he observed an airplane attempting to climb.” The plane lost a key part when it struck the truck, its right elevator. The elevator is also known as the right horizontal stabilizer. According to the report, the loss of the stabilizer amounted to substantial damage to the plane. The plane spiraled out of control and crashed into nearby woods.