Season of Savings: Black Friday Shopping Tips 

It’s almost time to hit the stores for some Black Friday shopping, but “Stock N Save” Couponing in Eastern Maine Blogger, Haily Keezer has been shopping for the holidays all year long. Instead of buying a butterball turkey or some pumpkin pie, Keezer is looking to stock up on some other supplies. She said “I have a plan for getting some hand soaps, hand sanitizers floss, and things that are good to have in the house especially because flu season is coming up.”The plan is to only buy things she needs around the house and to make sure she ends up saving more money than she spends. One of the best ways to do that, is to double coupons. “I can put these together and save $2.00, so we’ll pay .89 cents for this bottle of purel,” said Keezer.Haily is using a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon to get double savings, but if that math is too complicated, check your local stores and see if they have a rewards program. “One of the great things about this is you can come back and buy anything with it. Use it on pants, use it on diapers, anything you want to buy,” said the blogger. And Haily’s total at the check out line? $6.46 and she saved $10.31. Keezer said that money will go towards holiday shopping this year and for a mom with two young children, she’s making sure her kids have a great holiday with the best gifts. Some of the biggest gifts this year, are a blast from the past.”You can’t keep the Furby in stock already. It’s come back and it’s hard to keep it in stock, so if you want a Furby go out and get it now. You’re going to get the best price as is and actually have them when it gets time to give them,” said David Scott, a Team Leader at the Target in Bangor. He said his team is ready for what most people believe is the biggest shopping day of the year, but there may be some other days to mark on the calendar. “There are an awful lot of sales going on before Black Friday and post Black Friday that are going to be running to help draw you back into our building and you may find better values on those days.”David said this year, the best sales could be on a Wednesday or Thursday, because stores know they will have a lot of traffic on Black Friday. It’s that time between Thanksgiving and the week before christmas stores can see a lull, but when it comes to getting that one special gift, the team leader has some basic advice. “If you see it and you like the price point, buy it.”Here are some tips from the experts for the black friday best shopping experience: make sure you dress warm, be prepared to wait, bring snacks, split your group up to cover more ground, make a list and be specific for what you’re looking for, and what experts said is the number one tip, leave the kids at home.