Safety Advice for Thanksgiving Cooking 

Thanksgiving usually means family and food but it can also mean fires. Cooking fires triple this time of year. Bangor firefighters are offering some advice to keep people safe during the holiday. It start with watching what you cook. If you’re grilling, frying or broiling stay in the kitchen. And if you’re baking or roasting, set a timer. Keep things that can burn away from the stove top, like oven mitts and food packaging.On that note, keep young children at least three feet away from the stove or out of the kitchen all together. Make sure pot handles are turned toward the center of the stove top.If you use a turkey fryer, make sure it’s outside, on a flat surface and away from anything that can burn, like a deck or a garageAnd keep a fire extinguisher handy, just in case. If you have a small fire on a stove top, you can use a lid to put it out or if it’s a small one in the oven, turn off the stove and it will go out.