Holiday Travelers Bring Big Crowds to Bangor Airport, Bus Stations 

The crowds at Bangor International Airport and local bus stations are proof, there’s no place like home for the holidays.”We look forward to it every year, seeing people get home for the holidays,” said Tim McCann, terminal manager at Concord Coach Lines.McCann says despite the increase in the number of travelers, the buses are still leaving on time.He said, “It’s a fairly normal day except that it’s the busiest travel day of the year for us, so if you want to call that normal.”Meantime, at the airport, we’re told all of the flights are taking off as scheduled even those heading to areas directly affected by Hurricane Sandy.”Philadelphia, New York, they all seem to be up and running and in operation and should be no effect to the flights here in Bangor,” said Tony Caruso, Airport Director at BIA.And like every holiday, there aren’t a lot of empty seats on these flights.Caruso said, “The flights are full or near full.”At the airport and the bus station, they advise travelers get there early, so they can check everyone in, find everyone their seat, and get them home on time.