Update: Police ID Three People Found Dead at Home on Alton Tannery Road 

A married couple from Alton and a man from Bradley were found dead at a home on Alton Tannery Road, Monday night. State police officials said they discovered the bodies of Scott Reed, 43, his wife Danielle, 39, and Daniel Young, 41, just after 7:30 p.m.They were alerted to the home by a woman who said she arrived there and found a man dead outside.When state police arrived about 20 minutes later, they found the bodies of a man and a woman inside the home.During a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Lt. Chris Coleman of the Maine State Police would not say how the three died, but expected that information to be released Wednesday, following the scheduled autopsies. While police have not said whether they are actively looking for anyone in connection with the deaths, Coleman said there was no reason for the public to be overly alarmed.”I think at this point I always encourage people to take normal precautions, and what I mean by that is be cognizant of their surroundings, to lock their doors. Nothing in this event has caused me to heighten that warning. At this point I’m comfortable saying we have a handle on the people involved,” said Coleman.Police officials spent much of Tuesday speaking with neighbors and friends of the victims. According to authorities, they are looking very closely at the relationship between the Reeds and Young.”Obviously, we’re concerned about what led to the violence. So, we really need to understand the dynamics of that relationship before we can draw any conclusions,” said Coleman. Police have already looked into the criminal history of each victim, and said Tuesday there were no standing protection orders or bail conditions found.