Red Cross Real Heroes-Tyler Jewett and Anton Klose 

Heroes come in all sizes and all ages.Two teenagers were among those honored earlier this month by the American Red Cross.They both risked their own lives to save a couple that was drowning.A summer day spent at Webster Park in Orono.”We were coming in from those 2 rocks there and this couple was heading out to the water.”Turned in to a river rescue for 16 year olds, Tyler Jewett and Anton Klose.”It’s when we started hearing cries for help and screaming.”The two had been swimming in the Stillwater River when they noticed a couple being swept away by the current.”I reacted before I could think. I was in the water before I could even see them and I just swam to them before I even knew what was going on.Jewett reached the woman first.”The woman kept going under water and between the time she was up and down she said that she couldn’t swim and that she was drowning.”Klose swam towards the woman’s boyfriend, who had managed to grab onto a nearby rock.”The first thing I did obviously was go to the man, make sure he stayed on on the rock, stayed fine and safe, not move anywhere, while I go for the woman and him and by then they were moving to shore.”The four made it to dry ground as an ambulance arrived…”We were both taking on a lot of water, so we were both kind of not with it.”Aside from a parting thank you, they never heard about the couple again…that is, until the Red Cross came calling with an honor they say they’re not worthy of…”I don’t think I should be called a hero just because I did something that anyone else should have done.But if it wasn’t for two teenagers out enjoying their summer break, two others might not be alive today.