Bangor Bakery Working Overtime to Fill Thanksgiving Orders 

Most people have been thinking about their Thanksgiving meal for a few days now, maybe more if you’ve got a huge guest list. But not the folks at a bakery in Bangor.They’ve been working on the menu for weeks. The beaters at Frank’s Bake Shop in Bangor are taking a beating these days. Not to mention the oven. Co-owner Bernadette Gaspar says, “We have the oven on I think for two days straight without even turning it off because we have rolls after we bake all of the pies.”And talk about pies -1,500 of them will be cooked in the couple of days before Thanksgiving. Then there are the cream pies.Prep work for this feeding frenzy started in October. “This is all about rolls and pies at Thanksgiving. Christmas is about everything else.”Gaspar says hundreds of people will turn to Frank’s to help fill out their Thanksgiving table. And the folks here will be working overtime to make those meals happy ones.”It’s not eight hours usually. I’ll be here til about 10 o’clock, maybe 11 or 12 at night, depends on the help.”Despite the work, the staff at Frank’s say they’re glad their long hours can help people enjoy the holiday.”It’s fun but you’re exhausted. Because it makes people happy. They say what would I do without you. You know, I’m getting old. It would be nice to slow down a little.”But there’s no sign of that just yet. After all, Bernadette still needs to cook for her family on Thursday.”Usually what do we have for dessert? Whatever’s left!”There’s not much time left to pick up food at Frank’s, especially if you didn’t place an order.Even if you forgot, Bernadette says you can still walk into the bakery until 5 p.m. Wednesday and grab something delicious from the display case.