Red Cross Real Hero-Samantha Moore 

Tragic events can happen in an instant, and what you decide to do next can be the difference between life and death.We’re going to introduce you to another American Red Cross Real Hero.Samantha Moore is just 10 years old but she’s already wise beyond her years, something that came in handy last December.====Community is at the core of Milbridge and that’s why Samantha Moore is proud to call this town home.The 10-year old also takes pride in being a girl scout. Her mom, Ruth Moore, is a former Navy Corpsman and trained Moore’s troop in first aid and CPR. Last December, that certification was tested during an awards dinner for Wreaths Across America.”The crowd was all yakey and then I heard silence,” says Moore. “And when you hear silence in a big crowd, you’re like- what the heck is going on?”One of the drivers for the convoy had fallen off the bleachers. He hit his head and shoulder on a table and was lying on the floor, unconscious.”And so I ran over,” says Moore. “He had a huge lump on his head and it was like that big (gestures with hands) on his head.””I heard MOM,” says Ruth Moore, “and immediately everybody’s head just swivels around. The minute I swiveled around, I saw her, I saw the situation and you just instinctively react.”Samantha held pressure to the man’s shoulder, as well as an ice pack on his head.”And I talked to him to keep him awake, make sure he didn’t pass out,” she explains.”She was pretty much the first responder,” says Ruth Moore. “She was working with him and helping him.”Samantha says there were some lighter moments during what was otherwise a very serious situation. “My mom gave this woman the phone to call 911 and she’s like, ‘I don’t know how this thing works, here- take the phone.’ And my mom’s like, ‘hand it to your father.’ So I handed it to my Dad and the medics finally came in. And they took him to the hospital.””We found out later that he had had a cardiac incident,” says Ruth Moore, “which had caused him to fall and to hit his head and dislocate his shoulder on a table.”In September, the Girl Scouts of America presented Samantha with its Medal of Honor. We featured her heroic story on WABI.”To tell you the truth, I really don’t like being on the news,” says Moore.It’s something she’ll have to get used to again, as a recipient of this year’s American Red Cross Real Hero award.”Well, my mom was pretty proud of me like she always is, and so was my dad,” says Samantha.”She did remarkably well,” adds Ruth Moore. “I’ve worked with people in the past who haven’t had the presence of mind as 30 and 40 year olds that she had at 9 years old.”+++++Moore was among a number of people honored at the American Red Cross Real Heros breakfast in November.