Police Investigate Armed Robbery at Veazie Mini-Mart 

For the second time in less than five months, the Veazie Mini-Mart has been targeted by thieves.In July, someone broke in after hours and stole beer, cigarettes and cash.Sunday night was different, the store was open and a gun was involved.”She was counting money,” said Manjit Singh the owner of the Veazie Mini-Mart. “She was sitting on the chair here and she saw on the camera, camera #7, like, two people running into the store.”It was a normal Sunday night with less than 10 minutes before closing time. Manjit Singh’s wife stood up to help the two men she thought would be customers. “One guy was standing here and he pointed a gun to the wife, and, wife went that way and he opened this register himself and he took money, 5-10-1’s, all bills he took.”That man was wearing all black. The second man, described as wearing lighter color jeans, a gray sweatshirt and a checkered flannel shirt, went behind the counter. “He saw she was counting money and he took the money from here.”They were in the store for less than a minute and made off with more than 900 dollars. They left the store on foot and crossed State Street. Mrs. Singh then called 9-1-1.”The victim of the crime actually exited the store and did not see any vehicles leaving the area,” said Veazie Police Chief Mark Leonard. “So we’re unsure other than they fled from the building and it looks like they may have headed towards the area of Mount Hope Avenue in Bangor.”If caught, the two men are at least facing robbery charges according to Chief Leonard. “This was a violent crime against a person. In this case there was somebody there, there was a firearm that was displayed, there was a firearm that was actually pointed at the cashier at that time, so again I think it’s a sign of yes and escalating violence problem in society as a whole and unfortunately our community is being affected by it.”Veazie Police were assisted by the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department, and Maine State Police, Chief Leonard also has reached out to the Bangor Police Department for advice and help, and the investigation continues. “We’re going to review the surveillance video from the store just to see if somebody fitting this description was in earlier in the day and had some sore of transaction with the store that may help us out and again our main goal is to have the public help us, we’re really relying on that at this time.””I have more security system with colored camera but robbers have masks, they have gloves, camera not helps,” said Singh. “I’m 20 years in this kind of business, but this is the first time like armed robbery, first time it happened in my life.”If you have any information on the case, you can contact Veazie Police at 947-2358.