Teams Race Around Bucksport During First Annual Turkey Trot 

Five turkeys and a full Thanksgiving dinner were on the line during a contest in Bucksport Sunday afternoon.The Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce held what they called a “Turkey Trot,” which is similar to a a scavenger hunt. Teams were given clues to a location, then had to find a hidden turkey figurine at that spot. All the while they were uploading photos to Facebook to gain some bonus points.”We have five teams out there right now running and three of the teams already told me that their intention is to give it to somebody needy. So that was kind of the point,” said Leslie Wombacher, Executive Director of Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.The event was organized this year to try to do something to help out the community during the holiday season. Organizers hope it will grow next year to include more teams and locations.