Local Seniors Feed the Need of Bangor Area Homeless Shelter 

Some local seniors are helping feed the needs of the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter. Members of the Hammond Street Senior Center started a food drive for the shelter earlier this month. One of the members came up with the idea as part of “Make a Difference Day” in October.Friday they delivered their donation of nearly a dozen boxes of food, just in time for Thanksgiving. Senior Center member Sally Polyot organized the drive and says, “I was thinking that it’s important to think about seniors giving back. A lot times we, especially at the Center, we’re asking to be funded. And I thought it would be a wonderful idea just to think of seniors giving back to the community.”Dennis Marble, Executive Director of the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter, says”This is part of collective efforts throughout the community, and thank God we live in this kind of community, that are going to get us through, get hungry people through the season.”Most of the food will be donated through the homeless shelter’s food pantry. Some will also be served as part of meals at the shelter.