Solidarity Harvest Helps Feed over 1,000 Mainers 

With Thanksgiving just a week away, many organizations are doing all they can to make sure everyone has food on the table for the holiday.Solidarity Harvest, with the help from other Maine organizations, is donating baskets of food to Mainer’s in need. The group plans to help out people who have recently been laid off and anyone else going through a hard financial times. Harvest teams up with local farmers and businesses and pays them for their excess goods. In return, they are helping the needy and giving back to Maine’s economy,This year, Solidarity Harvest will double the amount of baskets they gave out in 2011, making the need for volunteers much greater. Volunteer, Peter Mayo said “Come out and find out what you can do. It doesn’t take that much. Anything you can do for these people or any organization, any volunteering, you’d be surprised.”Solidarity Harvest will ship out over 1,000 baskets on Saturday morning. They plan to deliver to meal baskets to people from Kennebunk to Presque Isle.