Good Shepherd Food Bank Receives a Generous Donation 

Maine Credit Union and Good Shepherd Food Bank are teaming up to help put food on the table for Maine Families.This is the 7th year the credit union has donated funds to the food bank. Back in 2005, Good Shepherd started its “Food Mobile” program. The truck allows volunteers to travel around the state to help people who can’t make it to a pantry. In honor of their first donation, the credit union raises money for the mobile every year. On Thursday they handed over a check for $1,600 and that money will be used towards almost 7,000 meals. Organizers said this is the time of year when people need the most help. Communications Manager for Good Shepherd Food Bank, Clara McConnell said “We’re hearing reports from our partner food pantries, where this year again, they’ve seen a 50% to 60% increase in the need in their local communities.””Hopefully there will be a day in the state where we end hunger, but until that time, Maine’s credit unions are doing all we that can to help,” said Jon Paradise, Spokesman for Maine Credit Union.McConnell said to also keep in mind that people need help year-round when it comes to food. For more information on how you can donate, head to