Levant Man Heading to Jail for 60 Days for Sexual Contact of Minor 

A Levant man who admitted to molesting a child is going to jail for 60 days.46-year-old John Costain was sentenced on Wednesday in a Bangor courtroom for five counts of sexual contact. He pleaded guilty in January.The crimes occured from 2003-2005 and involved a girl who was just five years old when the assaults began.Costain’s attorney said he stopped once his crimes were exposed in 2005 and has taken responsibility since, but Assistant District Attorney Alice Clifford argued that doesn’t change the severity of his crimes.”This is really a very serious offense. It was an offense that included a victim who is under the age of 12. It happened repeatedly over a period of two and a half years. There was certainly trust violations here,” said Clifford.Before he was sentenced, Costain spoke on his own behalf.”It’s not okay to do wrong. It’s how you correct that wrong and know in your heart and your mind what you did was wrong and don’t do it again,” said Costain in his statement to the court.His 60-day sentence began immidiately. He’ll be on supervised release for four years following his jail time.