Bowling Fundraiser Supports Mother After Family Killed In Fire 

On Saturday, Bangor’s Family Fun Bowling Lanes lost a longtime member of their family. “I’d like to have a moment of silence if we could,” said one bowling center employee over the PA system. Everyone in the building stood. Ben Johnson, along with his three young children, were killed when their house caught fire in Orrington.”It really was tragic. Obviously I wasn’t going back to sleep and it was just a very emotional day,” said friend and co-worker Mike Marsh. The family, along with their mother Christine, the only survivor, have been a part of this close knit community for many years.”If you didn’t know Ben then you knew of the Johnson family, you know, because most everybody here in the bowling center has a heavy heart for that family right now because of their loss. The complete family has been bowling here for 25 years now,” said Andy Meucci, the bowling center’s owner. During those years, the Johnson’s touched many lives, and as their friends and family recover, Ben’s former co-worker Mike Marsh and Andy Meucci of the bowling center decided to organize a fundraiser. “We are going to have door prizes, we are going to have raffles to also provide money, and all the proceeds from the game of bowling will go directly to the Christine Johnson Fund. The kindness is in all their hearts and souls, its just a tragedy and everybody wants to help,” said Marsh. That’s the kind of support and compassion they say isn’t found everywhere.”Bangor is a special town and a special city. They all come out, you know. A lot of people have been pouring their support in for this family, so it just goes to show you that people’s hearts do go out to families that do have a loss like this,” said Meucci. The event will take place at Bangor’s Family Fun Bowling Lanes on December 9th from 1PM to 7PM.