A Phone Company Helps Some Non-Profit Organizations 

The Verizon Wireless Call Center in Bangor opened its doors on Wednesday.The building has undergone some renovations in the past year and the director of the facility celebrated the upgrades with a ribbon cutting ceremony.Leaders from Spruce Run and the Maine Troop Greeters were also in attendance. Verizon Wireless Employees was presented a $7,500 grant to each organization to help them continue to give back to the community. Chairman of the Maine Troop Greeters, Chuck Knowlen said “We use those cell phones and sometimes when there’s a flight of 300 to 500 troops, those phones are out all the time and what a great thing.””It’s a big deal to know that verizon, which is nationwide, takes care of its local community partners that they have been taking care of over the years,” said Amanda Cost, Program Coordinator of Spruce Run.The Maine Troop Greeters says they will use the money for whatever the troops need, while the Spruce Run coordinator says the grant will go towards educating students about domestic violence in schools.