US Congress Waits to Hear from Former CIA Director 

Behind closed doors, Congress is holding a briefing on the deadly attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, and there’s a hearing scheduled for Thursday.Former CIA Director David Petraeus was set to testify at that hearing, but he resigned his post last week when admitting to an extra-maritial affair.Some members of Congress say they still need to hear from Petraeus, including Republican Senator Susan Collins.”I will say that I think it is absolutely imperative that General Petraeus come and testify. He was CIA Director at the time of the attack. He visited Libya after the attack. He has a great deal of information that we need in order to understand what went wrong, how this attack occurred, why four Americans lost their lives and most of all what we can do to lessen the chances of this kind of attack on American citizens happening in the future,” Collins commented.For now, the CIA’s acting director, Mike Morell, is scheduled to testify in Petraeus’ place.Lawmakers could still subpoena Patraeus at a later date.