Parents From RSU 19 Gather To Save School Programs 

Parents of students in RSU 19 met to discuss the district’s dramatic budget cutbacks on Monday.Last Tuesday, voters in the Newport area turned down a 3.6 million dollar loan to help repay the district’s debts.Without the proposed loan, the district was forced to slash 1.6 million dollars from the budget That resulted in the immediate slashing of programs such as JV and middle school sports, after school busses, and other extra curricular activities.Now, parents are doing whatever they can to help. Concerned parents gathered at the Palmyra Community center to come up with ideas to present to the district’s superintendent as well as the school board on how to fix the problems on Monday night.They discussed fund raising strategy, as well as solutions to maintain sports programs including a “pay to play” fee for student athletes. The implementation of parent teacher organizations was also addressed. Organizers stressed the importance of collectively finding solutions and will present ideas from the meeting to the school board on Wednesday night.Following that meeting, parents will meet again at the Palmyra Community Center to discuss ways to move forward.