Student Essay Winners Describe Experience of Interviewing a Veteran 

Several students were a part of a Veterans Day ceremony at the Cole Land Transportation Museum on Monday.Students who participate in the museum’s “Interview a Veteran” program are asked to write an essay about what they learned and those essays are entered into a contest.On Monday afternoon, the contest winners read their essays out loud with their veteran standing beside them. The students say they learned a lot from the experience, but veteran Dolores Hainer said they actually learn from eachother.”I learn from them. I learn from them everyday. I’m 81 so you’re never too old to learn,” said Hainer.Essay contest winner Cora Bishop interviewed Hainer at the museum and said she was inspired by their conversation.”I’ve learned so much about being here, about being American, about freedom, and everything. Growing up as a kid you just take everything for granted, but as you get older you can really learn what it’s really all about,” said Bishop, a junior at Acadia Christian School in Trenton.The museum’s staff encourages any veteran who is willing to talk to students about their experiences to contact them about the “Interview a Veteran” program.