The Maine Course Part Three: Hatchett Mountain Public House 

“I took a trip a little off the beaten path and ended up here in Hope, Maine, at the Hatchet Mountain Publick House where they’re serving comfort food in a really cozy atmosphere.”If it feels almost like you’re going over to someone’s house for dinner here at Hatchet Mountain, it’s because, you kind of are.Owner Brian O’Neil’s house is attached to the restaurant, which he built then opened five years ago after a slight career change.“I was a banker out of college and I came here with a banking institution. I spent 17 years working for them. When I got done, I decided to give this a try. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do because of my background and because I’ve worked in so many different restaurants and I love food and I wanted to stay in the area and there was a definite need for it here in the community.”Hatchet Mountain is opened year round and while they do get some tourists, this warm and cozy spot has the town of Hope’s full support. Local Becky Lowe has been serving here for over a year now. After she had her rehearsal dinner here, she knew it was the perfect job for her. “Working here is very relaxed. We get to know the clientele: we get to know people in their lives and develop that rapport with them that when they come in you can just talk to them like you’re their friend. It’s really nice to work in a place that you see all kinds of regulars come in on a weekly basis.”The food served here could be described as organic comfort food and it’s about as fresh and homemade as you can get. “We don’t buy any frozen products. All of our products are fresh and made daily.”“We try to source locally for everything we can. We grow a lot of our own herbs and vegetables and each year we try to do more and more.”Around here, it’s more like a lifestyle then a job. “It’s fun. I like it because I get to do my own thing and at my own pace and it’s comfortable. I see people twice a week. They thank me and I thank them.”Giving back to a community that has embraced them is a big part of business here. O’Neil is involved with many fundraising efforts in the town. When friend and veterinarian Jim Larita wanted to bring these ladies to Hope, O’Neil organized events to help reach his friend reach his goal. “That’s his dream over there and this is our dream over here and it’s great that you know that we’re working together.”Everything over at “The Pub” has been bringing the Mortensens’ for quite some time.You can also find out more about The restaurant at