Students Honor Veterans in Milford 

Sunday is a day to honor the men and women who have served our country. Some students in Milford celebrated Veterans Day a little bit early. Saluting the flag has extra special meaning when you’re doing it with a group of veterans. ” I know I love to hear stories from them and to understand we wouldn’t have our freedom if it wasn’t for them,” said Corinne Saucier, a 7th grade student at the Dr. Lewis S. Libby School. ” People risked their lives for us and giving us this freedom is very generous and life changing,” added Austin Sargent, a 6th grade student. Students organized the Veterans Day Celebration at the Dr. Lewis S. Libby School in Milford. ” It’s one thing to read about this in a history book and what went on, but when you’re actually honoring the men and women who served and saw the things that they read about, it’s something that they need to do,” said Warren Kidder, an 8th grade teacher at the school. Kids read poems, essays, and sang songs honoring the men and women who have served our country. ” I just want to say thanks to our veterans because we love our country very much,” said Abby Morin, a 6th grade student. ” Those people who are lucky enough to meet a veteran and to see somebody who has gone through that experience should feel really lucky and should honor them and trust them,” added Saucier. The program was a simple way to say thanks to the veterans for their service to our country.