Orono Call Center Hiring Hundreds for Hurricane Sandy Support 

The Department of Labor has stepped in to assist the Orono Call Center Nexxlinx, fill over four hundred positions that are being created to help FEMA in the ongoing Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.“It’s a tragic situation, but on the same token, I think everyone would agree the work ethic of the people in the state of Maine is great. So, who better to help these folks then the people of the state of Maine,” said Bangor CareerCenter consultant, Mike Johnson.Here at the Career Center in Bangor, they’re assisting applicants though the process.“It’s a two-part process. Do the online application, then they have to do a skills assessment,” said Johnson.Quickly getting this project up and running and getting people hired is important.“The Department of Labor is so focused on having this work and making it work that they’ve taken a very unusual step of the Bangor Career Center being open on Monday, Veteran’s Day, to help these folks come in and be processing,” said Johnson.The length of the job is unknown: it could last weeks or even months….Right now, it’s an opportunity for Mainers to help the victims from home, while getting paid to do so.“It’s a win-win situation. They can not only get paid for doing the work, but also helping their neighbors,” said Johnson.“I came in to sign up for unemployment and then I heard about the FEMA job up in Orono and I do well on the phone with people. I like to help people and that area really needs some help,” said applicant Kenneth Carr.The Bangor CareerCenter is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.nexxlinx.comFor more information, you can also log onto .