Working Families Want Congress on Their Side 

A local union is meeting to call on members of Congress to protect the middle class.Eastern Maine Labor Council members, along with other middle-class working groups, came together Thursday at the Bangor Library to discuss tax breaks.Many of these people say they depend on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and MaineCare to support themselves, and their families. Theodore Rippy, who is semi-retired said “If it weren’t for Medicare or MaineCare, I wouldn’t be able to work. I would not be able to work at all, but at 78, I can help people older than myself and some younger than myself.”Workers say if they keep President Bush’s tax cuts, or increase the age of Social Security, people who work in physical occupations won’t be able to continue. Speakers at the event also say they hope Senator Snowe, Senator Collins, and Senator-Elect Angus King will help protect working family programs.