Snow Drives Up Business for Bangor Auto Shop 

The dreaded snow day for drivers, Thursday, was an ideal work day for the guys at TBA in Bangor.”I would love it to stick to the ground,” said Al Belanger, the auto shop’s owner.The more slush and snow on the streets means more snow tires sold at his business.Belanger said, “We’ve done approximately 25 cars this morning, so been very busy.”This time of year, the shop typically has a line of cars pulling in to get fitted for a Maine winter.”When the first real snow comes and stays, we will do an average of a hundred cars a day for probably a couple weeks,” Belanger explained.While Thursday’s customer traffic was light in comparison to what they will get in the coming weeks, he is expecting business to get as heavy as the snow.Belanger said, “We’ll put 1,000 cars through here with snow tires.”