Former Shipyard Worker Pleads Guilty to USS Miami Arson 

A former Portsmouth Naval Shipyard worker has admitted to setting fire to the USS Miami. The fire caused $400,000,000 in damage. Casey Fury, 24, waived indictment Thursday morning and pleaded guilty to an information charging him with two counts of arson on and around the USS Miami on May 23 and June 16, 2012. Fury was a painter and sandblaster at the shipyard until he was arrested on July 23, 2012. According to a release sent by the U.S. Attorney, Fury admitted in open court that he willfully and maliciously set a fire on the Miami on May 23, 2012, which placed the lives of people on and around the submarine in jeopardy. It took about 12 hours for crews to get the fire extinguished. At least five first responders were injured. Fury also pleaded guilty to setting a second fire in the dry dock area below the Miami on June 16th. Fury’s sentencing date has not yet been set.