Brewer Students Bring Charlotte’s Web to the Stage 

For 60 years, children and adults have been falling in love with a pig named Wilbur and a spider named Charlotte. Thursday morning, students at the Brewer Community School got to experience Charlotte’s Web in a different way. For high schoolers in the Brewer Drama Program, showtime is the best time. ” I am in love with the feeling of stepping out onto stage and in front of a crowd and being able to perform your heart out and do something that you absolutely love,” said Kassidy Giggey, a senior in the drama program. ” It kinda gives you a Disney World feel, like you’re one of the princesses. It’s really fun,” said Morgan Forrest, a junior in the program. The students have been perfecting the show for six weeks and now it’s time to hit the stage. ” This is the audience that we’re going for with Charlotte’s Web, little kids, and to see them react so well to this, was so amazing,” said Giggey. The show was a hit with the young kids. ” I liked how they used the costumes and the masks,” said Ali Willette, a 3rd grade student. ” I think it was really nice because they took their time so they could make a show,” added Cooper Parlee, another 3rd grade student. The performers hope there are some future actors in the audience. ” It will be great if we inspire these kids to do this when they get older,” said Forrest. ” I really hope that by getting to come out and run around the audience today, I helped connect to some kids,” added Giggey. Judging by the audience reaction, Charlotte’s Web gets five stars. The show isn’t just for kids, the performers say adults will enjoy it too. You can catch the show this weekend. There are shows Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm at the Brewer Performing Arts Center. Tickets cost $5 for adults and $3 for kids, with all of the money going to the Brewer Drama Program.