Supporters Proud of Raye’s Campaign 

There aren’t many 12-year-olds involved in politics, but we found one at Kevin Raye’s election gathering, Sean Jenkins. ” I asked if there was any like, Republican headquarters in the area and so I went there and made phone calls and I got connected with Kevin Raye,” explained Jenkins. In six days, Jenkins made 600 phone calls. He has a lot of faith in Raye, and if you ask him why, he’ll tell you. ” He has a nice personality and I think he would really restore Washington,” said Jenkins. Jenkins isn’t the only one supporting Raye. His election night event in Bangor was full of supporters both young and old. Senator Olympia Snowe endorsed Raye. He was her top aide for more than 17 years. Snowe and her husband, former Governor John McKernan, stopped by the event Tuesday night, and said Raye is like family to them. The two also talked about the man who will take over Snowe’s U.S. Senate seat, former Governor Angus King. ” Any knowledge that I can share that can be useful for him as he begins his own legislative journey, I’m prepared to do,” said Snowe. ” With his voice on the inside and Olympia’s voice on the outside, we can potentially start to see Congress come back together,” added McKernan. Raye’s hopes of going to Washington faded on Tuesday night. ” As we look at the returns, it’s difficult for me to see a path to victory,” said Raye, while addressing his supporters. Around 11:30pm volunteers took down the campaign signs and left the stickers on the table. Kevin Raye says it might not have been meant to be this time, but he has enjoyed every minute of serving in the Maine State Senate. Raye has termed out of the Maine State Senate. As for Sean Jenkins, he tells us he’ll probably run for President . We asked him what his platform would be, and he told us, he doesn’t know yet, he still has 23 years to figure it out.