Senator Olympia Snowe Congratulates Senator-Elect Angus King 

Senator Olympia Snowe’s time in the U.S. Senate is winding down. She announced in February that she wouldn’t seek re-election. There were six people on the ballot vying for her seat. Former Governor Angus King won with more than 53% of the vote. Snowe and her husband, former Governor John McKernan, called King to congratulate him. ” Any knowledge that I can share that can be useful for him as he begins his own legislative journey, I’m prepared to do,” said Snowe.’ With his voice on the inside and Olympia’s voice on the outside, we can potentially start to see Congress come back together,” added McKernan. Snowe is using her $3,000,000 in campaign funds to start a leadership institute for high school girls. She’s also going to create a Political Action Committee to support consensus-building candidates for the future.