Senator Collins Looking Forward to Working with Senator-Elect King 

Senator Susan Collins says she’s eager to team up with her new Senate colleague, so they can start attacking the challenges of Congress as soon as possible. Mainers elected Independent Angus King to fill the seat left open by retiring Senator Olympia Snowe. Collins, who’s soon to be Maine’s Senior Senator, says she knows King quite well and is looking forward working with him. The Republican says people are tired of the negative campaigning and partisanship in Washington.She expects King to reach across the aisle to help break the gridlock. “I certainly think he is sincere in his desire to work with both Democrats and Republicans and I’m certainly going to do all that I can to help him learn the ways of Washington and be an effective Senator for Maine.”Collins says she’s surprised the make-up of Washington is still the same, with a Democratic president, a Democratic Senate and a Republican House.But she hopes the new members of Congress, like King, will come with a new attitude and determination to get things done.