Maine Lawyers Honored in Bangor for Giving Back 

Lawyers around the region were honored in Bangor.Maine’s highest court wanted to thank them for giving back to their community.”We understand that Maine lawyers are second in the nation in generosity to people who can’t afford lawyers,” said Chief Justice Leigh Saufley.Time and charitable service the Maine Supreme Judicial Court felt couldn’t go overlooked.”Maine lawyers are incredibly generous. More than 125 Maine lawyers gave more than 50 hours of free service to people who needed it. We think that the legal service provided to poor Maine people who really needed it in just this last year, was more than a million dollars worth for legal services,” said Saufley.13 lawyers from the region were presented with awards from the Katahdin Counsel Recognition Program.Roberta Winchell was part of the group. She’s been working pro-bono for an 89-year-old client for two years now. “I believe service back to my community, service to the elderly and service to the state of Maine is necessary and very honorable and I’m honored myself to be recognized for doing that when I had expectations of nothing,” said Winchell.Along with getting fresh baked cookies regularly, Winchell is receiving a payment that some would say is priceless.”She’s lovely and at this point, I actually feel like she’s part of my family. This lady has brought more joy into my life as an attorney,” said Winchell.The award is a bonus for a service that already feels rewarding.”I just feel so much from this work and I will do it every year regardless of an award, but I’m very proud of the award,” said Winchell.A complete list of award recipients can be found here.