Maine Becomes First State to Approve Same-Sex Marriage By Popular Vote 

Maine voters made history Tuesday night, making Maine the first state to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote when question one passed 53% to 47%t.Supporters of yes on one celebrated late into the night.In was just three years ago voters repealed a law to allow same sex marriage.Organizers of this campaign say the difference this time was the personal contact they made with voters across the state.Opponents to gay marriage were not happy with the results.Carroll Conley of the Christian Civic League of Maine sent out a statement reading, “We are terribly disappointed we were unable to convince enough voters to hold onto the value of traditional marriage for society….we genuinely fear for the consequences we raised during the campaign….the fact remains, marriage still needs to be strengthened and promoted for future generations.”Conley said they don’t have any plans to fight the vote at this time.