Congressman Mike Michaud Celebrates Victory Back Home 

In Maine’s Second Congressional District, history repeated itself. Once again, Democratic incumbent Mike Michaud took on Republican challenger Kevin Raye for a seat in the US House of Representatives, and once again, Michaud was the winner. Mainers elected Michaud to a sixth term.He celebrated his victory in his home town at Grassroots Catering in East Millinocket. The small dining area was filled with old friends of Michaud’s, including some former classmates and co-workers.”This is my home and I think it’s important to be here with people who supported me over a number of years,” said Michaud.He’s their hometown hero, now for the sixth time.”He really cares for the people of Maine and this town. And I think he’s really proud of it and we’re proud of him,” said Terry Johnson, who went to high school with the congressman.Michaud said it was their interests he kept in mind throughout his campaign and throughout his time so far in Congress. He said it’s helped keep him focused. “Don’t focus on what some rating agency or special interest group is going to rate me or worry about the headlines, just focus on getting the job done for Maine,” said Michaud.Now that the campaign is over, he said the budget issue is first on the to-do list for his next term. He also plans to continue working on job creation and fixing the economy. He had already talked to our new senator, Angus King, about these tasks before Election Night was through.”I congratulated him and look forward to working with him on some of the other big issues we still have to address, whether it’s related to veterans, economic development, healthcare for the reimbursement rate for Medicare, for our providers here in Maine. Those are a lot of issues we still have to deal with,” said Michaud.As he looks ahead to a sixth term in Congress, he knows there’s still more work to be done.